Healthy Eating habits

Healthy eating habits will not only help lose weight it will also help make the weight stay off. Healthy eating habits is something that can be done easy, we all have habits just think you get up everyday at a certain time to go to work that is a habit. Now how did you develop that habit, in a number of ways but the most important way is you do it everyday.

No matter how much you workout if you don’t have good healthy habits when it comes to eating your not going to get the results your looking for. What are good eating habits? In this article we will give you the top 10 good eating habits that will help you lose weight and keep the weight off.

I’m sure you have seen the millions of diets that promise you can lose weight in 3 days. You have to develop eating good habits to lose weight. Their is no diet in the world that is going to deliver those results without having good health habits. If your serious about losing weight start with healthy eating habits.


Healthy food habits will help you on your journey to losing weight. And by having healthy food habits will lead to healthy eating habits. Knowing how to eat healthy, you have to do your research on who to trust. What will help in your search is a healthy food guide. With a healthy food guide you will have a list of healthy food recipes. Follow the directions in your healthy food guide exactly how it is listed.Here is a great program fatdiminisher


Make sure they have experience in the nutrition world and provide you with a list of healthy foods. When you have a list of healthy foods and a healthy food guide this will keep you on track to healthy food habits. We all have habits some are good some are bad. Healthy eating habits is usually not something we all have but in order to lose weight and keep the weight off it’s a must to develop healthy eating habits.

So now we know we have to have healthy eating habits your wondering how can I develop healthy eating habits. Easy it starts with a list of healthy foods now that you have your list of healthy foods sit down and go over it and start putting together your healthy food recipes. When you figure out your healthy food recipes you start to build your healthy food guide.

There are a lot of websites and books that can help you put your list of healthy foods together and even help you with your healthy food recipes. You are the one that has to eat the healthy food so build your own healthy food guide. Your healthy food guide is very important this is how we will develop healthy eating habits. You see how this is all coming together!

  • Build your list of healthy foods
  • Look it over and build your healthy food recipes
  • Then make your healthy food guide
  • Now you have put together healthy food habits
  • In return you have developed healthy eating habits
  • Stay on top of your healthy food guide
  • Lose weight

Most of us can not afford a chef I have found the next best thing as having your personal chef. Karine Losier and Dave Ruel are two of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to creating healthy food habits. And you can have them as your online chefs while your on your way to looking and feeling great. Karen and Dave

Fit cooking
Karine, co-author of Metabolic Cooking is also known as the ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’ and has a strong passion for food, fitness, and culinary adventures. She gets excited about challenging the commonly used techniques that most chefs turn to while seeking out healthier alternatives. Simply put, she’s a real kitchen glamour renegade.

Karine isn’t just a bubbly little chef either. She’s holds a master’s degree in psychology so she is fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people face with regards to their eating habits and diets, thus why she knows the importance of good nutrition that tastes great and serves to motivate people to stick with their diet by challenging their commonly held psychological beliefs.

Dave  is the most respected and trusted fitness cook in North America and is a firm believer that eating healthy to support your body goals DOES NOT have to be plain and boring.

He’s seen fitness enthusiasts go the usual route of steamed chicken, baked potatoes, and broccoli for every meal and has had the opportunity to teach them that there is a ‘better way’. With Dave’s approach, you’re never dieting – you’re just eating healthy because you love it.

Dave has a large background in helping others achieve their goals, be it fat loss or muscle building and is always learning new and innovative techniques to use in the kitchen.


3 tips on why you should eat healthy

You will get more accomplished! Think of your brain and body like your car, you need quality fuel to get the most out of your mind and body. This has been proven one study found that eating unhealthy food you have a 65% chance of productivity loss. Eating healthy means your going to have more energy and get a lot more done throughout the day. (Which could lead to a raise at work)

Less Stressed! Certain foods have the ability to level our body’s stress hormone. Studies have shown that food packed with Vitiman C, Omega-3, fatty acids and magnesium help lower our stress levels. When our body is stressed it can break down protein to prepare for battle. So we want to make sure we eat food high in protein such as fish, chicken and dairy. During the day snack on some peanuts this will help to replenish protein and that is going to help with stress.5_Fitness_secrets

Slow down aging! You don’t need to waste your money on all these skincare products. Eating healthy is also good for your skin. Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants will help your skin. Also the antioxidants in berries and salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids help improve your skin cells and this is going to lead to slowing down aging.

Let Karin and Dave help you succeed in building healthy eating habits.

Karin and Dave are giving away the book you see above you can download it right away and start your journey to developing healthy eating habits.

Fit Cooking A great diet to follow is fatdiminisher

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