The belief system


Limiting beliefs are pervasive in our lives. You probably are aware of many of them, but many sneak into your thinking patterns. Limiting beliefs come from a variety of sources. Some of these sources might surprise you.

Many of these sources were actually trying to help us, so don’t blame them. They simply believed the wrong things, too.

Most of our family means well, but many of our limiting beliefs come from familial sources and our suggestibility to comments from our families can vary.

Maybe your mom told you that you couldn’t run track in high school because you’re too heavy, so now you believe that you could never be a runner.

Maybe your dad said that no one in his family ever went to college, so you believe it’s not a possibility for you. Maybe you grew up in a lifestyle that was economically challenged so you decided that being wealthy was impossible for you.

Much like our families, friends can do and say things that lead us to believe we’re less capable than we are. Keep in mind that many of our ‘friends’ don’t want to see others do a lot better than they themselves are doing.  Take free quiz


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