5 Tips for lean muscle growth

Here are 5 simple but powerful tips you can start using RIGHT AWAY to pack on some lean muscle!

Eat more frequent meals

How do you get the muscle building calories you need? Simple, eat more meals.

Eating three large meals a day is actually bad for your body because it gives it food too infrequently. What you want to do instead is eat between five and seven small meals every day so that you consistently give your body energy. Most important eat a good breakfast.

Lift heavy weights and do compound exercises.

Pretty simple.

To gain significant amounts of muscle, you NEED to do compound exercises (examples:bench press, squats, pull ups, dead lifts, rows) in PROPER FORM with weights heavy enough to do between 5-12 repetitions.

Make your workouts more intense.

Right now, you probably are not exercising intensely enough. Amp it up. Push yourself to the limit and keep your heart rate jacked up. Jump rope between sets this is a great exercise.

Sleep for eight hours a night.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep properly regulates your hormones and gives your body an opportunity to rebuild itself. When you’re sleeping this is when your muscles heal and grow.

Find other people dedicated to fitness.

A big part your success will be the people you surround yourself with. You want to surround yourself with positive influences and spend less time with people who are negative influences. This will help you keep motivated even when your not in the mood to workout you will have people to push you and help you breakthrough those bad days. More tips from  the best trainers online


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