Do you need a coach for working out

If you do not have a online personal trainer you’re making a big mistake. Here are some examples of what not having a coach can lead to.

YOUR posture can not be evaluated

YOUR body part imbalances are overlooked

YOUR training age is not factored

YOUR chronological age isn’t asked

YOUR recovery capacity gets zero consideration

YOUR injury history goes unaccounted

YOUR equipment availability is unknown by the author

YOUR plan may look good on paper but may hurt you in the real world

And these are just the training factors that MUST be personalized to optimize results…

We haven’t even touched on diet or supplements or lifestyle...

If you decide to apply to our brand new 1-on-1 High Level Physique & Performance Coaching program here are just a few of the replies we’ll request from you during our Coaching Client Questionnaire.

What is your primary goal? Get strong? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Anything else?

Height, weight, body fat percentage?

Do you have any injuries? Past or present?

Any exercises you cannot perform for any reason?

What programs have NOT worked for you in past?

What is your current training program?

What equipment do you have access to?

What days are you available AND willing to train?

Can you train 2x a day? Which days of the week if any?

Can you train 3x a day? Which days of the week if any?

What are your estimate numbers on the following lifts? (We have 10 exercises we want to know about.)

It’s called 1-on-1 personalized coaching for a reason!

This is NOT that  “template-based” coaching where all of the clients end up getting pretty much the same workout and the only unique thing about the program is the person’s name!  

With us, we’re prescribing YOUR workout — every single phase, as long as you work with us, is PERSONALIZED to you.

Pretty flippin exciting, wouldn’t you say?!

Every time YOU get your new program, it feels like Christmas morning and you will literally STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING to see what YOUR coach has in store for YOU the following phase!

There’s Something Magical About Your Newest Phase Landing In Your Inbox

There’s something magical about having YOUR OWN COACH tell you what to do.

Essentially, having a coach customize these variables to YOUR workout is the difference between seeing and feeling results in 4 months versus 4 years.

Which would you prefer?

If you’re sick and tired of cookie-cutter approaches to achieving your fitness goals then it’s time for you to apply for our brand new 1-on-1 High Level Physique & Performance
Coaching program.


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