How to start a business

You’re back to the old vicious cycle of getting up, going to your 9 to 5 job, going home and then start to relax and start streaming some videos.
By the time you know it, it’s bed time… and so the cycle repeats each and every day.
You get “busy”. You get caught up. You stop making time to work towards your dream.
Does this all sound too familiar to you?
I’m sure you’ve gone through a time when you dreamed, “One day I’ll start my own business doing what I truly love and enjoy”.
Just the thought of living life by your own terms seems so far fetched. It’s been 10 years since I first had a taste of online business.
Admittedly, it hasn’t always been easy.
I’ve had many setbacks, challenges and felt like giving up all together.
Is it just all wishful thinking?
I’ve been privileged to have people admire what I have achieved  and how they wish they could one day live the dream.
People have a misconception that just because I work from home, I am living the dream and have it “easy”. That it partly true but it didn’t come without a lot of dedication and long nights putting every effort to make it work.
Yes, truth be told, it’s not easy, but I love what I do, regardless

Success is sequential.
It’s a progression and it doesn’t happen overnight.
You know those products guaranteeing success? Well, there’s no such thing.
Those who appear to have succeeded overnight most likely spent years learning and trying new things before making it.
You can’t expect to know everything before you get started, and that’s one of many reasons why you’re struggling to even get ahead.
Before I even made my first sale I had to learn what a domain name was, that lead to how to create a website to taking payments from customers and then to working out how to do proper bookkeeping.
Till this day, I’m still learning and that’s one of the great pleasures of working for yourself. You learn, you implement and you watch it grow. So keep reading those books, blogs and trying out new things.
Don’t live life with regrets that’s filled with “woulda, coulda, shouldas”.
It’s okay to have big audacious dreams.
When you make that initiative to STEP UP, things will just magically come together and you’ll attract the right people and opportunities you never saw before.
And what about time?
There’s no such thing as having “no time”. You make time. Everyone is given 24 hours in a day but it’s how you use it that’s going to make the difference.
I’m no productivity guru but I know that to get things done you set your priorities — you write down your goals, set deadlines and do it.
Would you rather wake up knowing you’re doing something you truly love or dread?
I think the answer’s simple.
So go ahead. Take that first step, second step or wherever you are in your journey.



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