What is outsourcing

Why Out source

Let us begin by taking a look at why you must out source your business.

How to advertise your business out source your advertising in a number of ways. You can visit fiver and type in how to advertise your business and you will find a number of skilled people to do this for free. This is a perfect example of how to out source.

I receive a lot of emails asking me what is outsourcing and I respond a marketers dream. You can out source almost everything you do online and by outsourcing your work you will save time and money but most importantly a big headache.

Out sourcing wasn’t much in vogue until a few years back. In fact, people even thought it quite embarrassing to tell someone that they were out sourcing their work. The general impression was that they weren’t up to the task and the unspoken belief was that out sourced work would always be of an inferior quality.

But times have changed. Today, not only has out sourcing become very popular but it has also practically become the norm for businesses. With the grand popularity that home businesses have achieved, the popularity of out sourcing has gone wild. How could a single person working from home carry out all tasks related to a business without depending on a freelancing professional whom they can out source their work to?


Here are the top reasons why you must consider outsourcing your business:

→ You can take up more work from a better range of clients because you have an army of people working with you.

→ You can get diversity in your team. When you find different out sourcing professionals, you find that these people are of different qualifications and skill-sets, which means you can even take up work which you were initially avoiding because of your own limitations.

→ You cannot handle all the tasks related with a business alone. There will be several things you are not very conversant with and things that you don’t like doing. If that is the case, you might find out sourcing to be a great option to accomplish these tasks adequately.

→ Out sourcing definitely helps you meet deadlines better.

→ For some people, outsourcing is also a means of reducing costs.

If a particular service is expensive in your part of the world, you could find a professional from another part of the world where that particular service is cheaper.

A lot of people out source work from the developed countries to the developing countries where the economic equation helps them reap better savings and stay within tighter budgets.

Most importantly, when you work from home, you might find yourself to be quite lonely, especially when you have to take important decisions. However, when you have intelligent professionals in your team, you do find this task easier



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