Patriots win

Tom Brady does it again with the help of his kicker Stephen Gostkowski.What a great foot ball game with the Patriots down by 2 Tom Brady gets the foot ball back with a little over a minute to go in the foot ball game. The first pass he threw was almost intercepted the New York Giants safety dropped the ball as he was coming down with it. This gave Tom Brady another chance to win the foot ball game and we all know what happens when you give Tom Brady a chance to win the foot ball game.

The New England Patriots would not of won this foot ball game if it wasn’t for the kicker Gostkowski who has not missed a kick all year. This was probably the best kick for him this year over 50 yards. Just when you think Tom Brady is going to lose the foot ball game his kicker comes up big. Brady wins again! Their are a lot more foot ball games for us to talk about.


We go from the best foot ball game of the week 10 foot ball news to a story that has a lot of people wondering what to do with Payton Manning. How old is Payton Manning! Did he show his age in the foot ball game. Payton Manning age is 39 yes that is a little old for foot ball but with the new era of foot ball and the way football players take care of their bodies Payton Manning age really does not matter.

Peyton Manning is going to go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Is his age playing a factor in the way Peyton Manning is playing on the foot ball field? I believe everyone would agree that the older you get as a foot ball player the harder it is to play the game. Nobody wants to see Peyton Manning’s age be the reason he is sidelined but in reality it very well could be.

So what do we do with Peyton Manning? Right now Peyton Manning age is not the issue Peyton Manning is hurt. In order for Peyton to be able to finish the season and his career playing the game of foot ball he needs to sit and try and give his body time to heal..


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