Excessive Sweating

If your anything like me you sweat and sweat a lot! Have you ever wondered if you have a sweating problem. Did you even know their was such a thing as sweating to much and a sweating problem. I had know idea! After a intense workout I just figured I was sweating out toxins in my body due to bad eating habits or maybe not drinking enough water.

I would consider myself in good health so I never really paid a whole lot to the sweating problem. But about a week ago I was sweating so bad I had to stop my workout. I couldn’t even grip the bar with gloves on. So when I got home from the gym I decided to look up how to stop excessive sweating. After doing some research their really is such a thing as a sweating problem.


Now I’m not one of these people that lets google decide if I should go to the doctor. With that being said my sweating problem just needed a little research to see if I was doing something wrong. Before I make an appointment with the Doctor for sweating. The medical term for it is Hyperhidrosis and they have a surgery for it. Now my problem with sweating has not gone that far. I feel really bad for the people that suffer from this.

I found websites that were telling me to stop doing things that trigger sweating and that’s not going to happen. So after hours of trying to figure out how to stop excessive sweating I came across a website that was more fit for me and I believe it will help you as well and save you time and money.

The sweat solver has a 4 step solution called stacking they offer a video course and audio plus a helpful ebook you can download all this right away and solve your sweating problems. It has help me and I have only been following the videos for a week. So if your having excessive sweating or your just sweating to much for your liking check the website out before you spend hundreds of dollars at the doctors.

The course cost 35 dollars or so money well spent in my opinion. Hope this helps anyone that sweats to much. Have a great day #getfit

The florida workout





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