How to drink more water

Importance of drinking water is it true or not? According to some reports the importance of drinking water is not the big deal people make of it. If you’re anything like me I’m always trying to find out how to drink more water. In this article we break down why drink water and some much of it.


There’s something wrong with what you’ve been told in elementary class over and over again–that all you need to do is drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. It’s already disappointing that few people even drink water like we’ve been told, but what’s even more disappointing is the insensitivity of this “advice” to the body weight and the water you already get from most foods you eat,so why drink water.

Where did the misinformation originate anyway? It was derived from the Food and Nutrition Board of the 1954 edition. The Board said, “A suitable allowance of water for adults is 2.5 liters (8 glasses) daily in most instances.” This advisory came from the same Board that said that we already get most of the water we need from the food we consume.

You should also take note that the number is a result of the a calculation per calorie that you consumer in a day and your body weight. To simply put it, the number of glasses you need to drink if you weigh 153 pounds is very different from the number of glasses a person weighing 120 pounds needs!


How to drink more water

Now, aside from healthy foods and healthy water, where else can you get your daily water allowance? From soft drinks and coffee? Sadly, most people think this way is a misconception that it can only be described as dangerous. The diuretic effect of caffeine in both coffee and soft drinks will increase urinary frequency. This increase will lead to an average decrease in total body water, as supported by many researches on the subject.

Processing caffeine takes up a lot of water, which is used as well in other bodily processes such as sweating, digesting food, and even breathing! Don’t forget the sugar both types of beverages contain. These need to be processed by the body rigorously, which will result in consuming water your body already contains, instead of helping re-hydrate your body!


Where to get water from

The number of glasses you need daily is relative to your body, is there any formula you ought to follow? There most certainly is. To understand how much water you need to drink every day, you can calculate using this formula: For a person who doesn’t do much physical activity, you can apply this formula Water in Oz. = (Body Weight in lbs) divided by 2 And if a person does a lot of physical activities and leads an active lifestyle, you can then apply this formula.

Water in Oz = (Body Weight in lbs) x 3 and divided by 4 You must have noticed that the table mostly contains fruits and vegetables; that’s because they’re not only alkalizing, they’re also hydrating! The list goes on, and it contains a variety of fruits and vegetables that you should begin including in your diet!

How exactly will drinking right nurture my body? With all this fuss about how to drink water, how will it benefit your body? Aside from keeping you from getting thirsty, proper hydration does have its benefits: For one, it makes sure that the water in your body is retained.


Your body is about 60% water. Most of it is continually consumed because of cellular and bodily processes. Without drinking your daily allowance of water, the fluids in your body will not be replaced until such time that the cellular and bodily processes are disrupted. Also, this may sound too good to be true, but drinking water also helps in losing fat weight.

For one, it decreases the calories you take in and helps burn the ones you’ve already taken in. Also, the sensations of thirst and hunger go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, thirst is mistaken for hunger, which will predictably lead to more caloric intake and storage of fat in different parts of your body–a situation that will ultimately lead to weight gain. By drinking your water requirement, you make sure you don’t overeat.

Drinking water is also important in giving your body that natural glow. With dehydration comes dryness of the skin and constriction of your cells. By hydrating properly, your skin remains moisturized and revitalized.



Here are more positive benefits of drinking right:

  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Regulating cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risks of certain types of cancer
  • Normalizing your urinary frequency
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Clean up toxic wastes in the body


It’s not enough that you drink just any type of drink. Think of eating for instance: you won’t get the nutrition you need by eating any types of food. In fact, you can end up destroying your own body by eating the wrong kind, a lot more of which are available in the market.


Following the same logic, you should drink the right type of water to remain hydrated and be healthy overall. The basis for the right choice is the pH level of water. You must only allow yourself to drink a water that is neutral to slightly alkaline in a world where most water products are acidic.

All you have to do is know the difference among the existing types. The Beta Switch Diet, Water Distilled water from the supermarket is the easiest way to go,not to mention the healthiest.


This type of water goes through the process of distillation that involves chlorination, heating, and finally, distillation. This takes care of the acidic levels of water and the chemicals that go along with it. Water from Reverse Osmosis Systems Although long, the reverse osmosis process can kill as much as 99% of the impurities in water.


This includes bacteria, copper, sodium, and other harmful microorganisms. Unlike the KDF system though, it is more expensive and needs to be carefully maintained to avoid health problems.


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