Tips For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

When I was in high School WOW that was such a long time ago I was that skinny guy and I wanted so bad to have muscle. I would workout daily played basketball, baseball and any other outdoor activity I could. My skinny legs were putting on muscle but my chest (where you really want muscle)I just couldn’t build my chest.

As I got older I started to put on muscle a lot easier and as I got older I also got smarter and figured out why I was not gaining muscle when I was that skinny guy in high School. Some people are just built to have muscle and some are not the ones that are not can get there you just have to be determined and work hard at fitness training. So if your that skinny guy wanting muscle you will get their just don’t give up just like anything else in life the harder you work the better the results…


My Online trainer breaks down muscle growth

You are a skinny man and you want to build some muscle to have a broader muscle girth and presence. This is a typical story. You happen to be blessed with a powerful metabolism and this is why you are skinny and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get the muscle on and keep it on. Is this anywhere close to the territory we are going? It has to be.

You want a muscular body and you can have one. There are a few tricks and tips you will need to learn to make your workouts more focused on building evenly distributed muscle mass. The bottom line is you easily assimilate nutrients and calories. It takes protein and calories to build heavier muscles. You need to start with your diet and exercise plan, not supplements which promise dreams.

Diet For The Skinny Man

A diet to build muscle mass is actually simple when it comes to the mechanics. You need to determine your lean body mass and your activity levels. This should lead you to a caloric intake calculation which is a good number value to work with if you want to build muscle. You may have the ideal physique for this and just not realize it.

The best way to determine lean muscle mass is by the help of a physician. Go get a check-up, check with a real nutritionist, and get an idea of the amount of calories you need to consume in a day. This is based on height, weight, and lean body mass plus your usual activities. Typically, the calorie consumption starts at 2,000 calories daily.

You may be at 2,500 or 3,000 plus depending on your build. The idea is to add more carbohydrates in order to build up your calorie intake at least 30% above what you need and you should ideally consume at least double the protein you have been taking in.

How To Get This Together

For packaged foods and frozen foods, there is a nutritional value label on the food package. For non-packaged foods, you can get a scale and look at the per weight nutritional values at various sites on the internet. Then, all you have to do is add up the numbers over a few average days and you see where you normally are.

For calories, you need to up the amount by at least 30% or more depending on workout intensity and double your protein intake. Whole proteins are found generally in meats, eggs, and fish. You can get some whole proteins from grain and legume combinations. This is just math. You have to give your body what it needs to build muscle. This is calories for the workout and your everyday activity and enough protein to build muscle.


Then There Is The Workout

Of course, this isn’t going to happen with a single workout. You can monitor your weight and fat percentage and calculate your body mass along the way with the help of a nutritionist or a personal trainer. As a skinny man, your body works differently in a workout than most of the other guys. You have a lanky, long muscular system.

This generally means you are tall. If you are below six feet tall, you might not fit into this description. Usually, this is based on a bad diet and workout plan. For the tall and skinny men, this is simple: You have mostly fast-twitch muscle fibers, meaning you don’t need to be going for heavy weight. Focus on higher repetitions.

This also means your center of gravity is farther from your head, tending your body to muscular imbalances. Work with a personal trainer for your body type and develop a strong, balanced workout routine. Jump the calories and protein as high as you need to and you will develop some amazing muscle mass over time.


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