Malaysian Honey

Golden Royal Honey USA

Malaysian Honey is produced by a certain kind of bee Apis Dorsata. This bee has a particular type of tree it prefers to build it’s nest (Bee Hive) The Tualang Tree which is located far in the rainforest.


The Apis Dorsata Bee makes it’s beehive really high in the top of these tualang trees. This makes it extremely hard for the people in Malaysian to harvest the Malaysian honey, which in return makes it rare and hard to find.


Better known as the Honey Bee Tree! The Tualang tree is where the apis dorsata bees build their beehives. This is what helps Malaysian honey so popular and rare. The Tualang tree can get as tall as 270 feet,that’s equal to over 30 stories high.

The Tualang tree mostly grows deep in the rain forest in countries like Malaysia,Thailand,Sumatra and Borneo.

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