Online personal training

How to find a personal trainer

In the digital world having a online personal trainer is the way to go. With a online personal trainer not only will you save a lot of money your online personal trainer can teach you in the comfort of your home. That is just one benefit from having a online personal trainer.

  • Save money
  • Free online personal trainer
  • Comfort
  • Time
  • Motivation

That’s just a few examples of why you need a online personal trainer. Your next question is how to find a online personal trainer. This is where we will step in and help you find your online personal trainer. You want to trust your online personal trainer and believe he or she really has your best interest at heart. Let’s break down how to find a personal trainer you can use this method for a online personal trainer or offline.

  1. What are your goals in training
  2. Are you looking to tone up
  3. Are you looking to lose weight
  4. Are you looking to put on muscle
  5. Are you looking to get shredded/ripped up

Now that you have narrowed down what your looking for in a online personal trainer we can find a online personal trainer. Like We were stressing earlier in the article what are you looking for in your personal online trainer.

Having a online personal trainer is smart because it’s there job to get the most out of you and help you reach all your goals. This is why you need a online personal trainer. Below are a few online personal trainers that have a very good success rate with their clients. Take a look at each one and remember when your finding a personal trainer it’sall about your wants and needs not the personal trainer.


This workout program targets and kills lower belly fat, which is hard work. While targeting belly fat you’ll be packing on inches of lean muscle to your weakest body parts like arms and shoulders. With Kyle Leon’s program his perfect body formula you will learn the best ways to burn fat and build muscle no matter where your starting out from.

Who is Kyle Leons-

Kyle is an international fitness author. He has helped thousands of men and women in over 150 countries to reach their goal of having the perfect body through rapid muscle building and fat loss. Just think about how amazing it would feel to torch stubborn belly fat while putting on lean muscle in all the right places.


Kyle Leons has teamed up with John Barban who is a world class expert in nutrition, physiology, biology and has taught human performance at the university of Florida. John is also considered to be the worlds leading consultant in the supplement performance world.

Read more about kyle and johns workout program to see for yourself the results you can achieve with The perfect body formula

 The Florida Workout
We all know Florida is the sunshine state and where there is sunshine there are men and women walking around with little to no clothes on. In order to walk around like that you have to be fit. If you want to be fit you need a online personal trainer. In Florida we have tons of beaches plenty of sunshine and fitness centers on every corner. That’s why this step by step guide to looking like a model is called THE FLORIDA WORKOUT
First off before we get into our workout plan we’re going to talk about healthy eating habits. No matter how hard you exercise, weight train, do cardio, yoga whatever type of exercise program your into. You gotta develop healthy eating habits. Now their are certain types of food and supplements needed for the type of fitness your into. This is why you need a online personal trainer.
Let’s say you want to get the model look that means lean ripped up where you show muscle definition. Your going to have to have healthy eating habits and a good online personal trainer is going to teach you all about how to develop healthy eating habits.
Drink lots of water and when weight training do light weight with a lot of reps, mix cardio in with it a few times a week.

Now let’s talk about the proper foods to eat to develop healthy eating habits and the foods to stay away from. Make sure you get quality protein in your meals not only will it help you build your muscles, but it also creates satiety so your hunger is satisfied longer. Again your online personal trainer will go above and beyond to get you where you want to be.

Also it’s a building block for maintaining and building lean muscle. The amount of lean muscle you carry is one of the main factors for controlling your metabolism. Follow some of the rules below to start developing healthy eating habits.

Fiber is important! 

Make sure that almost all of your carbohydrate intake is from higher fiber sources like vegetables, fruits, and high fiber unrefined grains. Try to avoid sugars that is one of the main reasons so many people struggle with body fat.

Don’t be afraid to eat fat! Many people try to go way to low on their fat intake and this can affect hormone levels in your body as well as trigger cravings. Try to eat enough healthy fats daily.

Good sources are all nuts, and seeds, but butters, avocados, olive oil, organic meats, and eggs, coconuts and virgin coconut oil.

Try to avoid artificial trans fats from margarine’s, shortening, and hydrogenated oils that are in most processed foods. High fructose corn syrup, which is in almost all sweetened products.

I know it sounds like nothing is good for you. And it’s almost impossible to eat 100% healthy. Just do your best pay more attention to what your eating. All this is going to lead to healthy eating habits. Here is a great guide that I recommend reading this will give you a starting point to healthy eating habits.

The fat burning kitchen

Most importantly remember this is all about you this is why finding the best online personal trainer is so important. We can not stress enough how important a online personal trainer is. Your personal trainer is your mentor this is not only going to help you reach your goals in the fitness world but in life in general you will succeed. Confidence equals success

 Getting ripped up by increasing your
Here is another reason why you need a online personal trainer. If your looking to get ripped up this online personal trainer might be for you. Our job is to show you how important a online personal trainer is and the best way to find a personal trainer.
Add 25 to 35 grams of protein to each meal! It’s easier then you think most yogurts have 20 or more. More examples eggs, tuna, even peanuts. Find something you enjoy a protein shake will work. Protein builds and helps you maintain muscle mass. The more muscle equals higher metabolism.
The Florida workout will help in these areas. One important tip is for your workouts do your hips and shoulders every time you train. They have the most metabolically muscle groups in your body, so the more you train them, the more you amp up your metabolic rate.
Some exercises that will target this area the best are squats do single leg and regular but try and go deeper on your squats, push ups, pull ups, and dips are all great workouts. You can do all of these exercises without weights.
This is going to help you burn fat and get that ripped up look that we call the Hollywood look! Talk to your online personal trainer to get this look.
 Have you heard of Vince Del-Monte
If not we will share with you what we know. Vince is one of the best online trainers in the world,he has helped thousands of people lose weight and get in shape. Vince has wrote several books and made a number of videos in the health and fitness world.You will get the most out of your workouts with Vince as your online personal trainer.
The great thing about Vince is he really has a passion about helping people improve their lives. His training is one of a kind not only do his books provide a wealth of knowledge his videos go above and beyond the expected. He has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft and it really shows in his books and videos. By far the most caring online personal trainer we have found.
Vince not only does coaching in person in his online personal training programs He goes above and beyond in helping his clients reach their goals. We use him as our online personal trainer and our staff has all gotten great results. It is like having your own personal trainer with you as your working out wherever you are with your phone,ipad you name it Vince is with you from start to finish. Learn more about Vince

 How to lose belly fat

This is one of the tips we have learned from Vince. Almost everyone wants to lose some excess fat on their body and most of us carry it around our waist. We all spend way to many months out of the year overeating and then try to lose it as the summer months approach. In order to look good in the summer we have to have healthy eating habits and eat right and exercise year round. The truth be told belly fat is probably the hardest area to successfully remove because it’s made up of what we know as “Stubborn” fat.
Your body is actually slightly different when it comes to fat around our mid- section. Primarily, its the first place we store fat and where body fat is needed for protection the most. Reason being to protect the organs and internal structures,for this reason your fat belly is going to do everything it can to hold onto it. Not good for us when we’re trying to lose belly fat.
What we have to do is outsmart our body,and in order to do this your going to have to work really hard. It certainly can be done you just have to work hard and remember it’s not going to happen over night. So keep working hard and your going to start to see results.Watch video
Body shaping system for men & women
    The F4X youth enhancing system is amazing nobody wants to start looking there age and if you take care of yourself properly you will stay looking younger. I’m going to give you the secret! Did you know that 90% of people over the age of 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat. That means you not only lose the only thing on your body that creates shape, tone, and strength! You also gain more fat every year, even if your calories stay the same, there are specific ways to move, eat,and think that tell your brain to stop this rapid aging process.
This is a 5 step process
  • Forget low-fat Diets
  • Stop Running in circles
  • Stop blaming everything on how old you are

  • Avoid chronic dehydration
  • Work out less (yes, Less

       Are you ready for the new body system that features our F4X training program, the OSNB ageless nutrition plan,anti-aging secrets & protocols
                                           GET YOUR F4X YOUTH ENHANCING

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