Nitric Oxide in our opinion is the best supplement for building muscles.

Nitric oxide (NO), is a free radical gas that is a powerful regulator of circulation (it is
an endogenous vasodilator) and a neurotransmitter (it helps in
the processing of nerve signals as they cross synapses). L-arginine, one of 20 amino acids that make up proteins, is the only amino acid that generates significant amounts of NO. You can get great deals on all types of nitric oxide products at puritan’s pride.
The enzymes that produce NO from L-arginine Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) is the enzyme that generates NO from L-arginine. This enzyme exists in three different forms (called isoforms), NOS 1, NOS 2 and NOS 3. Each isoform synthesizes NO but does so under different conditions.
Often all three isoforms will be found in the same cell but occasionally one cell will contain only one of the isoforms. This is important because many see or hear the term nitric oxide and assume that it refers to all cells under all conditions. Each of the three isoforms is described below.
1. NOS1 is the neural (or brain) isoform, sometimes referred to as bNOS. It
helps in synaptic transmission, the processing of nervous information from
nerve to nerve across gaps between the nerves called synapses and from
peripheral nerves to the brain.
2. NOS2 is called inducible or iNOS. This enzyme generates extraordinarily
high concentrations of NO, in part to kill bacteria. NOS2 (iNOS) takes
several hours to be mobilized and the response is due to an injury or
infectious process. NOS2 produced by macrophages is responsible, in part,
for their effects to repair injury and to ward off infections. Extraordinarily
high concentrations of NO (100 to 1000 times normal) are produced very
locally by this isoform. Unlike NOS1, which is part of normal neurotransmission,             there must be something very abnormal (a wound,tissue damage, hypoxia, bacterial infection, etc.) to induce this enzyme.
3.The third isoform is ecNOS (or NOS3) which stands for“endothelial cell”
NOS. This isoform is active at all times (it doesn’t need to be induced as
does iNOS) and is found in endothelial cells which are the cells that line
the inner surface of all blood vessels and lymph ducts. EcNOS is activated
by the pulsatile flow of blood through vessels (the stretching and
relaxation of the blood vessel wall in response to each beat of the heart).
This leads to a“shear stress” on the membrane of the endothelial cells as
the column of blood in the vessel moves forward and then stops.
This NO produced by ecNOS, maintains the diameter of blood vessel
so that perfusion of tissues (skin, muscle, nerves, and bone) is maintained at
optimal levels. In addition, ecNOS mediated NO causes angiogenesis,
which is the growth of new blood vessels. This is especially important in
healing an ulcer or wound on the skin.
Pre-Workout supplements
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Supplements are very important for building muscle keep in mind we are all built different so what works great for someone might not work as well for you. With that being said Nitric Oxide has so many other things it helps with besides muscle growth. Work hard take your vitamins, supplements and eat right and you will see a big difference in your body.

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